AU calls for an investigation into murder of DRC journalist Joel Musavuli


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There are calls for a neutral and impartial investigation into the murder of a journalist in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The African Union (AU) Human Rights body has made the request after Joel Musavuli was killed by unidentified men.

Musavuli was one of nine journalists living in hiding since late 2019 because of threats made against them. But earlier in August, he was murdered at home along with his wife.

The AU Human Rights body says it has been informed that he became a target after a radio show he hosted analysed the harmful effects of armed groups in the DRC.

The show was called “Rahiya Tufungule Macho” which loosely translates to “let us open our eyes, people.” The African Union Human Rights Commission is now asking the DRC and other states on the continent to take measures to prevent attacks on journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says that in Africa this year, four other members of the media have been murdered: two in Burkina Faso, one in Ethiopia, and another in Somalia.

Several African states have been accused of curtailing media freedom by torturing and imprisoning journalists.

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