Easing of lockdown comes as no surprise: Analyst


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Political analyst Sanusha Naidu says the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions comes as no surprise given the need for political parties to campaign ahead of the Local Government Elections.

Cabinet has moved the country from adjusted Alert Level two to one with effect from midnight Thursday night.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that 750 people were allowed to gather indoors and 2000 outdoors.

INFOGRAPHIC: Alert Level 1:




Naidu says controlling crowds in the midst of the pandemic will become an issue yet again.

She says, “The timing and looking at what the President says, it was inevitable to realise that political parties and the President, specifically the ruling party, have realised that with an election around the corner you can’t necessarily have the kind of political campaigning, election campaigning, etc when people are in a sort of lockdown measure.”

“So my impression is that it wasn’t something that was going to be a surprise. It was not something that we were unaware of and it was kind of hinted at a week or two ago, even looking at the numbers,” Naidu adds.

Congress of the People’s Dennis Bloem reacts to decision to put SA on Level 1:

Ophthalmologist and health care leader from South Africa, Dr Kgosi Letlape says South Africa is behind target in terms of vaccinations and cannot open up stadiums for spectators:

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