Johannesburg water monitors water supply to hospitals


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Johannesburg Water says it is monitoring water supply to hospitals in the affected areas.

This comes after a power failure at its Rand Water purification plant in Vereeniging affected water supply to the Eikenhof pump station and reservoir.

It left suburbs such as Hursthill, Brixton and Crosby affected as they are fed from the Eikenhof system.

However, Johannesburg Water says recovery will take place during the night when demand for water is low and it expects full restoration within 72 hours.

Johannesburg Water Spokesperson, Eleanor Mavimbela says, “Due to a power failure that affected our Eikenhof pump station and reservoir, our Brixton and Crosby reservoirs were also affected. This meant that customers feeding from these reservoirs were also experiencing poor pressure to no water. We have been monitoring the levels overnight and we have seen some slight improvements. We are also monitoring critical customers in the area.”

In June, Johannesburg Water said it is installing generators at its water pumping stations to avoid water disruptions when transformers are not working.

This comes after the City of Joburg together with other municipalities experienced water problems.

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