Mashaba rubbishes claims of divisions within ActionSA


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ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba, says there are no divisions in his party and that Thursday’s protest march  in Johannesburg was held by people who have been expelled.

The protestors have threatened to collapse the new party over its candidate list for councillors in Johannesburg. Mashaba has described them as people who had joined the party for the wrong reasons.

“They unfortunately joined Action SA for wrong reasons, they participated as ward councillors and lost and they expect us to just put them on. If anyone believes that they come from the ANC because they wanted positions in Action SA, unfortunately they made a terrible mistake. They are expelled because after losing their wards they think we must change our list, which was given to the IEC long before the time, so we expelled them, and they can go back to the ANC where they come from.”

Disgruntled members of ActionSA threaten to collapse the party:

Destabilising the party

The feud is mounting between the ActionSA leader in KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Makhosi Khoza and the party’s national leadership.

Dr Khoza claims she has suffered a hail of insults by some in the party’s national leadership accusing her of working with the ANC to destabilise the party.

Khoza recently stepped down as the party’s KZN chairperson after the ANC elected her as Municipal Public Accounts Committee chairperson in eThekwini metro.

While during the inauguration of eThekwini in November she was accused of having voted with the ANC even though the Action SA position was that its councillors would form a block with the opposition.

Dr Khoza explains, “I was obviously also quoined how did I allow the ANC to vote for me and which was a very difficult question for me because what do you say when people are voting for you. Do you say don’t vote for me? The ANC did vote for me. Well, I probably received a hail of insults from some members of the senate in the party who were thinking that I am being planted to destroy the Action SA within.”

Meanwhile, Action SA National Chairperson Michael Beaumont says the party stands by Dr Khoza. “No, I am not aware of anyone who has hailed insults to that effect. I think the leadership of the ActionSA and certainly the leadership I have engaged on this matter has a great deal of confidence in Dr Khoza and her leadership. And for what it’s worth, I think it was very clear the statement issued by Herman Mashaba on the 23rd December expressed confidence to her as a leader. You know if there are certain individuals who feel differently within the Action SA, no those views are not known to me and I don’t agree with them.”

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