Oscar Mabuyane takes a swipe at those sowing divisions within the ANC


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Eastern Cape African National Congress (ANC) Chairperson, Oscar Mabuyane, has taken a swipe at people sowing divisions within the party.

He was speaking in Ngcobo, on Saturday, at an event to mark the ANC’s 110th anniversary.


Mabuyane has also applauded the current leadership and added his voice to the calls to implement the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture regardless of who is affected.

The Eastern Cape is set to have its provincial conference in a few months’ time and indications are that the position of the provincial Chairperson will be highly contested.

Mabuyane has stressed the importance of unity in the party.

“People hate the entire collective and people are working very hard to ensure that the collective is not back at the office, they are sowing seeds of division simply because there are those who believe to keep Eastern Cape paralyzed keep it at 40/ 60 split when it goes to the national conference,” says Mabuyane.

Provincial Chairperson of the ANC in the Eastern Cape, Oscar Mabuyane addresses supporters

ANC in the Northern Cape throws weight behind Ramaphosa for second term

The ANC in the Northern Cape has pronounced its support for party President Cyril Ramaphosa’s second term.

Provincial chairperson Zamani Saul made the declaration at the ANC’s provincial 110th-anniversary celebration at the Cille Sports ground near Kakamas.

Limpopo was the first province to verbalise their support for Ramaphosa’s second term at the party’s January 8 celebrations held last month

“We pronounce as the Northern Cape that we still have confidence in the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa to continue with the renewal agenda. As the African National Congress in the Northern Cape, we’ve got confidence in the leadership of comrade Cyril to continue to lead and champion the renewal programme of the African National Congress.”

Sisulu, Ramaphosa spat

Saul also weighed in on the debacle between Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu and President Cyril Ramaphosa, saying democratic institutions such as the judiciary should be protected so that democracy can thrive.

“From 1994 we’ve made some major strides, we got a judiciary that resolves disputes in communities without fail. We have a lot of other institutions that include the Office of the Public Protector in defence of the constitution, we got a Parliament, so that’s a call to all of us that in 2022, we must defend our democratic gains.”


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