Paris buses for Olympic athletes revving up for Games


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Paris 2024 unveiled on Wednesday its bus warehouse where the vehicles that will transport athletes, volunteers and journalists throughout the duration of the Games will be stored.

The transport network will have more than 900 buses operating seven days a week, 24 hours a day during the entirety of the Games.

The warehouse, which is located north of Paris, is close to major Olympic sites such as the Stade de France, which will play host to the athletics and rugby trials, and the athletes’ village.

Transport Director for Paris 2024, Pierre Cuneo says, “It’s super impressive. It’s just the largest temporary bus warehouse in the world. There will be 900 buses here during the Olympic Games, buses that will transport accredited people using the Olympic lanes, the Olympic track network to reach all the competition and non-competition sites. We will end up with a nerve centre here where the buses are stored, but also to supervise the evolution of these buses between their place of departure, their place of destination and in connection with all the accredited customers who will be transported during the Games.”

Cuneo adds, “It’s a bit like the beating heart that will connect the entire Olympic system for the customers, as we have said, starting with the athletes. The athletes have a specific system here, with a parking lot, which is reserved, which is completely secure, which will allow them to join the sites directly in the locker rooms to be able to avoid security checks, as the security checks will therefore be done here.”

More than 4 000 bus drivers, from all over France, have been recruited to ensure the operation of the network with a peak in attendance expected during the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony, set for July 26, will mark Paris ‘open door to millions of fans and thousands of athletes’ loved ones after they were virtually shut out of the Tokyo Games in the summer of 2021 and Beijing in the winter of 2022.

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