Party Of Action vows to end mandatory lockdown regulations in municipalities if elected


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There will be no mandatory lockdown regulations at municipalities governed the Party Of Action (POA), should it win the upcoming local government elections.

This is according to POA President Billy Nyuka who launched the party’s manifesto at Leokaneng in Molejie in Limpopo. He says the party will prioritise empowering rural communities and providing ethical leadership.

Nyaku says should it win at the three Limpopo and four Gauteng Municipalities it is contesting, it will do away with the mandatory COVID-19 lockdown regulations in those municipalities.

“Lockdowns are just there to oppress our own people, they are playing their own game and we are losing jobs every day. So lockdowns cannot under any circumstances be a medical measure, it remains devilish, it remains inconsiderate and it seeks to frustrate the citizens who are looking for jobs. It seeks to frustrate the citizens who are hoping for a better tomorrow, that is why we say a better tomorrow rests with POA when it runs the municipality.”

Party of Action demands fair media coverage:

23 days ago