Residents of Homevale in Northern Cape hope Patriotic Alliance will bring inspiration


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The President of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) Gayton MacKenzie has been campaigning at Homevale township, a predominantly coloured area near Kimberley in the Northern Cape ahead of the November first local government elections.

Some Homevale residents say they will vote for the PA because they want new inspirational leaders, and they hope that the party will deliver on its mandate.

“Since 1994, things haven’t been better. So we need new people, with a vision, especially for the youth. Our community is going backwards it’s just getting worse, so we need new inspiration,” says a resident.

McKenzie says only those with scarce skills will be let into the country. The PA launched its local government elections manifesto in the predominantly Coloured community of Eldorado Park south of Johannesburg.

During the launch, Mckenzie said the days for illegal foreign nationals will be over should his party govern key municipalities like Johannesburg and eThekwini among others.

Mckenzie said, “I don’t care if you are Chinese, if you are Somalian, if you are Serbian or coming from Angola, if you are coming from Mozambique, you are going home with immediate effect.”

He said only those with the much needed scarce skills will be allowed in the country urging his detractors not to confuse his patriotism with being xenophobic.

“And when you are a legal foreigner, you must also come with a special skill here. You can’t be legal and come and become a preacher here, we have enough preachers.”

Mckenzie on illegal immigrants:

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