Three meerkats predict Three Lions victory


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For many, predicting the result of Wednesday’s Euro 2024 semi-final between England and the Netherlands is a challenging task.

Both teams have endured a rocky route to the last four with neither side hitting top form at the tournament.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that a trio of meerkats at London Zoo also struggled to decide who would come out on top after being called on to predict the outcome of the match.

The three resident slender-tailed meerkats, named Dracula, Penelope and Frank, were summoned to make their best guess for the showdown in Dortmund, picking between two buckets adorned with a Netherlands flag and an England one.

Dracula, so named after one atypically long fang, got off to a fast start, initially showing interest in the Netherlands flag, before switching flanks and choosing the England one instead.

Underneath both buckets was the favourite food of the meerkats – a small pile of insects.

England fans will be hoping their team can also show their teeth against the Netherlands, as they look to make history by advancing to a final in a big tournament for the first time outside England.

13 hours ago