Uncertainty over SA’s fourth wave of COVID-19 in December


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Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dr Richard Lessells, says there is uncertainty over whether South Africa will see a fourth wave of coronavirus infections as early as December.
It comes as health officials are warning that the next wave may hit Gauteng during the festive season.

Dr Lessells, however, says questions remain on whether the virus could cause another surge in cases – as more people choose to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Those kinds of projections that a fourth wave would start in December, they were based on the patterns that we have seen. But I think things are very different now because we have seen a large portion of the population has had an infection with this virus and on top of that a decent chunk of the population has had one or two doses of vaccines. So there is much more uncertainty about what the virus will now do and what capacity it has to cause another kind of big surge in cases.”

Experts encourage COVID-19 vaccination ahead of anticipated fourth wave: 

13 days ago