Youth in Ngcobo demand action on unemployment, corruption


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The flow of traffic was disrupted in the small rural town of Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape. This comes as disgruntled young people held a peaceful march to the local Dr AB Xuma local municipal offices.

Topping the list of their demands is the issue of the rising youth unemployment rate.  The youth is also concerned about allegations of corruption in the municipality.

The Eastern Cape is amongst the provinces with the highest unemployment rate. These young graduates can feel the pinch of unemployment, which is currently sitting at 60%.

They say they feel neglected and are gradually losing hope of ever making it to the job market

Siphokazi Mbawuli says, “We are unemployed. It’s been years without employment. We have nothing to put on the table. We are suffering as the youth.”

Phaphama Bheja says, “We are not motivated in our homes. Education has lost its value. My younger siblings are staying at home.”

Youth in Ngcobo outline their grievance through a memorandum

Service delivery issues have also been cited as a huge challenge facing the area.

The youth says this small town was last revitalised more than 20 years ago. They feel this may have a negative impact on the economy of the town, as it chases investors away.

Chairperson for the Unemployed Youth Committee, Lupho Dyonase says, “The current issue that is faced by the youth is unemployment, service delivery and infrastructure. Infrastructure in the area has been deteriorating for years.”

The Dr AB Xuma local municipality says they will respond to the issues raised by the youth on Wednesday.

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